Bespoke Wedding

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Most couples have a very good idea of the ceremony they want, but just need to know more on how they can go about making it happen. Do you wish for a wedding ceremony that stands out from the rest and one people will remember? I can help make that happen for you by crafting a bespoke ceremony just for you. 

No boring ceremonies here. Unexpected entrances, themed ceremony, adventurous location, incorporate games, unique venue, I'm in my element creating these weddings. I can design and delivery a fun and interactive ceremony or an adventurous traditional ceremony with a modern twist or something in between. You are talking to a former circus performer here!

A highly personalised ceremony with plenty of special touches.

Price: from $1150 * 

  • Initial Consultation: A thorough discussion to understand the couple's love story, preferences, vision for the ceremony and the legal process. This is your opportunity to tell me all of your ideas and for me to get to know you more as a couple. Not sure what you want from your ceremony? No problem. I am on hand to help. 
  • All Legal Requirements: Guiding the couple through the necessary legal paperwork and requirements for a valid marriage and are filed within 2 days of the ceremony. The price includes lodgement of your official registrated Marriage Certificate and do this within 48 hours after your ceremony.
  • Questionnaire: Your chance to tell me all about you as a couple. How you met, what you love about each other, your dreams. Everything I need to know to create your perfect ceremony. 
  • Customised Ceremony Script: Crafting a unique ceremony script that reflects the couple's personalities, values, and love story. 
  • Ceremony Planning Meeting: Allow 2.5 hours for preparation around 6 weeks prior to the date.
  • Ceremony Rehearsal or pre-wedding meeting: Conducting a comprehensive ceremony rehearsal to ensure a smooth and stress-free wedding day. Allow 1-2 hours.
  • Professionalism: Conducting your awesome ceremony with the utmost professionalism and respect for the couple's wishes. I will dress to complement your colours and theme. 
  • Personal Touch: Infusing the ceremony with personal anecdotes and stories about the couple's journey together. This is where we have the real fun. Lots of ideas to share on how we can do this.
  • Guest Engagement: Engaging and involving guests in the ceremony through readings, blessings, or special rituals. I can inlcude pre-ceremony games with the guests.
  • Personalised Vows: Assisting the couple in writing their own heartfelt vows or providing guidance to create personalised vows, then printed on special cards. You can make them as serious or outrageous as you want.
  • Unlimited Communication: Open and frequent communication leading up to the wedding day to ensure everything is just as they envision.
  • Incorporating Cultural Elements: Including meaningful cultural traditions, rituals, or customs if desired. Up to 3 extra rituals.
  • Music Selection: Assisting with selecting and coordinating music choices for the ceremony, including processional and recessional songs.
  • Coordination with Other Vendors: Collaborating with photographers, videographers, and other vendors to ensure seamless coordination during the ceremony.
  • Readings: Inspiration and support with selecting any readings, poems and rituals if required.
  • Symbolic Gestures/Rituals: Incorporating symbolic gestures like candle lighting, sand pouring, or ring warming into the ceremony. Up to 2 extra rituals.
  • Script changes: Up to 2 rounds of script changes up until 1 week prior to your wedding. I will show you the script and we work on it until you are happy with all the details.
  • Commemorative Certificate: your certificate in beautiful calligraphy writing.
  • Equipment: Use of high-quality My Pro PA system, head mic and microphones.
  • Post-Ceremony Follow-Up: Checking in with the couple after the wedding to ensure they are satisfied with the service.
  • Emergency Kit: Being prepared with an emergency kit for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.
  • Travel: Me ariving 40 minutes before and remain 15 minutes after the service.
  • Complimentary: Set of beeswax candles. 
If needed:
  • Venue Selection Assistance: Helping the couple choose a meaningful and picturesque location for their ceremony.

By offering these elements in a personalised ceremony package, you can see the comprehensive value I provide in creating a meaningful and unforgettable wedding experience tailored specifically to your desires and preferences.

Not sure if I am the Celebrant for you? Get in touch and let's chat. 

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  • Travel beyond 40 km.
  • Set of 12 clear plastic umbrellas, in case of poor weather.
  • White table, 2 white chairs, white table cloth, if required.
* some additional fees may apply for specific requests.