Why I love bees?


Bees take what they need

To survive without harming the beauty and vitality of their source of substance. For people to act in the same manner of bees is an act of compassion and conscious living.

Bees create a hive of commitment

They selflessly create only good stuff. They make honey and honeycomb for their hive.  Planting bee loving trees and flowers helps return the kindness.

Honey bees are model citizens

Each colony is considered a superorganism, functioning organically as a whole, with one queen bee leading worker bees (female) and drones (males) making decisions collectively as a community. Oh boy how we would prosper if we behaved more like bees. 

We need bees, more than they need us

Bees pollinate around 85% of the world's food crops and fruit. Without them life on Earth wouldn't be the same - and not in a good way. 

In his 2020 film, A Life on Our Planet, David Attenborough warned that pollinating species will disappear within 60 years if we continue to remove their habitats. 

Did you know honey bees communicate by dancing! 

The better the flower, the faster the bum wiggle. And who doesn’t  love to dance when we celebrate.