Collection: DIY Beeswax candle kits

Introducing DIY Beeswax candle kits - a perfect product for savy and eco-conscious individuals who love to craft and create their own natural, cost-effective decor candles!  Using 100% Australian beeswax you can create your own beautiful candles that are both affordable and sustainable. The kits offer both natural and colour sheets, giving you both honey aromas and a perfect colour match, for a warm romantic ambience touch to any decor. 

The Box

  • 12 sheets, 20 x 13 cm
  • 6 natural and 6 colour(range to colours)
  • plenty of plaited cotton wick for longer burns
  • step by step guide, tips
  • packet of seeds to grow bee loving flowers

The Buzz

  • made by bees, hand rolled by you
  • natural, healthy home decor
  • yoga/meditation
  • time-off screen activity

The Technique:

The sheets are easy to work with making them perfect for all ages. Simply roll the sheets into the desired size and shape, roll them tightly around a wick, and press the edges together. Beeswax is a hard wax, with no chemicals, so it will hold its shape and give long burning times, cleanly and evenly. For larger candles, simply roll multiple sheets together around the wick, or cut the sheets to make smaller candles. The possibilities are endless.