How to obtain my NSW Marriage Certificate?

There are 3 ways to obtain your Official Marriage Certificate. 

1. The quickest way.

I will registered your marriage within 2 days of the wedding ceremony. Since I have access to apply for your marriage certiticate online, I can process this in just a matter of minutes. With only a few extra boxes ticked and payment made, I can finish the process for you. I have built into my fees the same $60 BDM charge for this Official Marriage Certificate. I then send directly to you via registered mail your Marriage Certificate. It will arrive within approx 5 days. Let me know if you are going to be away from home following the wedding and that there won't be anyone home to sign for your marriage certificate. Let me know if you want it sent to a family or friend who can sign for the delivery or alternatively to delay the application to coincide to when you return home.

2. Do it yourself.

Alternatively you can complete the process yourself.  Once I have registered your marriage with BDM with 2 days of your wedding, you can go online to apply for your Marriage Certificate. This process requires takes abourt 6 weeks to process and for you to uplaod 3 forms of identification which include:

  • Passport
  • Drivers License
  • Medicare Card

Only one of you needs to complete this process and provide identification. You can complete the process in person at the Offices of NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. In Sydney there are offices in Parramatta and Chippendale.

3.  Take a short trip.

You can collect in person from BDM. Once you have completed the process online, you can pick up the Certiticate from BDM office or request is sent to you by registered mail to your home. There is an extra fee to do it this way.