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bride and groom exchange vows

It’s important to me that your wedding reflects who are you as individuals and as a couple, and as long as we include the 124 legally required words, the ceremony can take whatever theme or format you like. I create a fully personalised ceremony that is  engaging, fun, and uniquely tailored to you. Your big day is all about you, your love story, heartfelt vows, and those special touches that make your wedding ceremony unforgettable. I love nothing better than getting creative. 

"Gabi your storytelling was fantastic." E-Ping, Mother of the Bride.  (YouTube)

My goal is to exceed your expectations, providing exceptional value and a truly memorable wedding day experience.

Personalised, memorable, romantic.

Price: From $1200

Legal Paperwork: I handle all the legal paper work, including $65 application fee for your official Marriage Certificate. I make it a stress free process and have incredible attention to detail in these matters.

3 x Meetings: Initial  meet up to start the process, get to know you and learn more of your plans for the style of ceremony you want; Planning Meeting is the exciting part (online or in person) sometimes up to 1.5-2 hours; Rehearsal, preferably at the venue is ideal. I like to avoid telling the couple where to stand on the day. I bring my PA system so you practice with mic for your vows.

Access to the Wedding Ceremony Resources:  this kits contains lots of ideas and resources.

Personal Vows and cards printed:  I provide a Personal Vows Kit, giving assistance in this area, including coaching and tips upon request. 

Your Ceremony Script: I give you lots of options in each section of the Script so we create the ceremony reflects you as a couple. I provide lots of tips and suggestions, with attention to detail. 

Add extra features at no charge: there are many extra items to add to your ceremony. Head over to  Popular adds on. 

Ceremony: Me delivering your Ceremony with professionalism. I write and deliver an amazing Love Story and dress to suit the vibe.

PA system: To ensure seamless audio, I provide a fully portable MiPro PA system with USB/Bluetooth, ensuring every word is heard clearly during your special moments. I use the head mic and you use the hand mics for smooth transitions.

Travel: Up to 50 kms. Arrive at your venue in plenty of time before the start to set up. I check in with the venue coordinator, photographer, groom and your witnesses. Mingle with guests.

Coordination: with other vendors to ensure your day is memorable.

Communication: is key, and that's why I provide unlimited emails, texts, and calls, so you can reach out whenever you need guidance or have questions.

Beeswax Dinner Candles: As a special touch, I include a complimentary box of beeswax candles, adding a warm and inviting atmosphere for your at-home-dinner-date nights.

Emergency kit: for those unexpected moments.


  • Travel from Wollongong $1.10/km 
  • Parking fee if required.
  • * some additional fees may apply for specific requests.

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