Collection: Bomboniere Gifts

Introducing beeswax candles as the perfect bomboniere gift for your special celebration! Make a statement about your commitment to sustainability with these pure beeswax candles that are both beautiful and environmentally friendly while supporting beekeepers. Wrapped to minimise packaging.

Spending lots of money on extravagant favours that your guests will either never use, never take off the table at the end of night or paying for unnecessary wrapping. I am opting for gifts that are versatile, practical and need no dietary requirements.

Each candle is handcrafted with care, using only the finest quality beeswax sourced from NSW beekeepers. 

Something for yourself: I offer you a box of pillar candles ready for you to style yourself.

Commission me to make to your size and style to match the theme of your celebration.

Contact me. We can plan the number and style of gift wrapping to suit to your needs.