Micro Weddings/Elopements

backyard family wedding

Let’s strip back the distractions. Micro weddings and Elopements ceremonies are perfect for low-key couples or for those planning the whole shebang or destination wedding at another time or those who can’t wait to party with your guests. Choose a couple of people to be your witnesses and away we go. To the top of a mountain, edge of a cliff, I’ll be there.

This package is everthing as Sweet Romance but without a rehearsal, PA system and less planning time required. This way you avoid the 100s of decisions that can go into planning a wedding.

This is the most efficient and cost-effective way to get married.

Price: $750 *

  • Planning - Initial meeting face-to-face or video call - to fill in legal paperwork. This is your opportunity to tell me all of your ideas and for me to get to know you more as a couple. Allow approximately 1-2 hours in total.
  • A standard script for your ceremony with a sprinkle of personal touches.
  • On the day - your witnesses and an extra 30 people.
  • Questionnaire - a Get to Know You.doc and a Ceremony Planning.doc
  • Unlimited - emails, texts and phone calls.
  • Legal Paperwork - completion and lodgement of all legally required paperwork.
  • Commemorative Certificate - a ceremony certificate.
  • Registration Certificate - included is the $60 fee for your official Registration of Marriage Certificate from the NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages. I'll do this within 48 hours of registering your marriage.
  • Ceremony items - signing table, chairs, cloth, circular jute rug ( add flower petals)
  • Travel - and with me arriving 20 minutes before and remain 10 minutes after the service.
  • Complimentary - set of beeswax candles.
  • Travel: 30 kms. 

    Not sure if I am the celebrant for you? Get in touch to chat about your plans.

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  • Mi Pro PA system with mics, Rehearsal, Personal vows and Love Story (see Classic and Bespoken Packages).
  • Travel to Sydney, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains, South Coast. Get in touch for a travel price.
  • Parking fee if required.
  • Hire an interpreter.